Jamie XX — In Colour

The producer behind The XX delivers the album of the millennium (so far)

The fall of The British Empire was the best thing for British art. Dickens, Shelly, Wilde and many others chronicled the decay. The Beatles and Stones (taking their cues from Muddy Waters, Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others) transformed the former colonies’ Blues and R’n’B into the Rock’n’Roll that took over the world. In the last three decades British visual artists, led by Damien Hirst and Banksy, produce some of the most culturally critical, provocative, and innovative works the art world has ever seen. British actors own the stage, TV, and cinema. This month, Jamie XX further cements his place amongst the greats as he brings together the isle’s history of innovative dance music, while molding a form that is completely recognizable as his own, with his debut solo album: “In Colour”.

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The color vinyl triple LP is more than a marketing gimmick, tastefully complementing the overall aesthetic
The spaced-out video for “Gosh”

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